5 Ways to Shoot Better Long Exposure Night Photographs!

We have all gawked at those intriguing nighttime images where the car headlights look like streams of light and the stars appear to be spinning around the sky. Long exposure night photography has the power to illustrate the unseen movement of our world in the most ethereal of forms.

What exactly is long exposure night photography? Quite simply, a photo fits into this category when the frame rate is notably lower than what is used to view the sequence. More obviously, the photo is taken at night.

Your camera takes in the scene for a longer period of time, thus creating the effect we’re looking for. Fortunately, you can achieve fantastic results with some time, patience, and effort. Continue reading

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How to Take Professional Looking Self Portraits!

Stop the selfies, grab your tripod, and put on the self timer so you can take professional quality self portraits.

First we had to flip our cameras around and guess whether our faces were even in the frame. Then smartphones came around, and the game changed forevermore. Continue reading

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Film Versus Digital Photography!

The classic film photography approach meeds the ever-accessible world of digitization in this comparison article.

Believe it or not, film has been making a comeback over the last few years. The hipsters have joined together and set their sight on the “retro” ideas of old Kodak—of darkrooms, enlargers, and vintage cameras.

Admittedly, they’re onto something. The personal handling of a photo causes the image to hold more meaning. The extra effort in tandem with the classic film-look can ooh and ahh pretty much any photo enthusiast. Continue reading

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High Speed Sync Flash Basics!

In this beginners guide to using high speed sync flash you’ll learn about simplifying this seemingly complicated technique.

Scenario: You’re at the beach snapping photos of your friend. The sunset is beautiful, so you want to include the bright sky in the background of the shot. The background look sort of cluttered, so you want to use a high aperture for a more ambient feel. For added action, you ask your friend to perform a cartwheel for the shot. Continue reading

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360 Panorma Photography Basics!

Have you ever heard of a panorama? Sure you have, who among us has never stood on a mountain, above a valley, or in the middle of a busy evening street, experiencing the fullness of the moment before us, and as a photographer probably wishing we could capture the entire scene at once?

Indoor 360 degree panorama.

My purpose in this post is to introduce you to production of a 360° panorama – a seamless image that shows a scene all around you. For the more experienced and demanding reader I will also move to full equirectangularity towards the end. I will, however, assume this is the first time you have ever been introduced to a panoramic workflow. Continue reading

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The DSLR vs Mirrorless Debate!

There is a debate in the community regarding the importance of mirrorless cameras (henceforth ML) in the market. The debate has gone from huge and hot to rather limited to people trying to prove a point in the past four years.

I consider ML cameras to be an incomplete system, meaning I find many flaws with it while at the same time recognize the sheer depth of their strong points.

Let’s Explore Some Of The Aspects Of DSLR vs Mirrorless Cameras In Further Detail!

Viewfinder and display:

Canon PowerShot A710 IS.

My first relevant camera, the one I started being creative with, was a 2006-7 Canon Powershot with an electronic viewfinder – EVF.

After a while I began to notice my eyesight was temporarily blurry after each use; that I could actually see the LED grid lines inside the viewfinder screen may have had something to do with it.

I have not often used an EVF since, so I may be unfamiliar with any improvements made in this area, but even when EVF try to mimc the infinity-focus you are still looking onto a screen inside the camera and your eyes (or mine) don’t relax as well. Continue reading

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Control Your Next Photo Shoot In 5 Easy Steps!

Why not be both an artist and a director in your next photo shoot?

Sometimes we approach our photo shoots as photographers, through and through, without a foundation to guide our ventures.

Although it is vital to go about creative projects with the mindset of an artist, we might find ourselves struggling with execution or falling apart due to lack of organization.

More personally, in high school I was forced into a situation where I had to shoot the entirety of a short film in one session. I promised my actors we would be done in four hours, which, as you might imagine, was a lie at best. Continue reading

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Print On Demand Websites For Photographers!

If you want to make money with your photography you should consider using print on demand websites as one of your tools.

Nowadays, there are countless ways to sell your photography and earn some lovely cash. From offering stock photos to selling photo art on Etsy, the internet provides several outlets that can help you transform your passion into a source of income.

One option in particular has taken the art community by storm, showcasing a risk-free way to print and sell photography.

Read on to learn more about this modern method. In addition, I will recommend the best print on demand websites in the market!

What is print on demand?

Continue reading

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Infrared Camera Conversion Guide!

Don’t try to convert your camera to infrared unless you are confident in your electromechanical abilities. Otherwise, there are businesses that deal with this sort of thing. If you don’t know what I am talking about read on, I will explain everything.

Infrared (IR):

Does it ever bother you that we can’t see radio, or gamma waves? It sure bothers me, especially since what I do see is about 5% of the known radiation spectrum which means there are literally millions of ways to see the world that are just outside of my reach. Continue reading

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A Guide To Off Camera Flash Photography!

If you are looking for a n uncomplicated guide to off camera flash photography, look no further! I know that breaking down the seemingly convoluted art of wireless flash photography may seem a bit daunting, but I think I’ve nailed it. Check it out…

The first time I witnessed a wireless flash in action, I was a twelve-year-old at some relative’s indoor wedding. As a young budding photographer, I was astounded at how intricate and fancy the system appeared. Two massive bulbs set atop black metal stands would flash at seemingly random times and flood the ballroom with light. Continue reading

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