Genres of Photography!

When starting out in photography, it is best to sample all genres of photography to get an idea of what you may be interested in. Once you find a genre you like, you can practice it more and improve your skills.

There are various genres to choose from and knowing the one you want to focus on will help you choose the right equipment for it. Below is a list of popular genres you can try out:

Landscape Photography.

Our world is a photographer’s canvas. There are photo opportunities everywhere once you leave the city limits. If you are into hiking and love the outdoors, this is the genre for you. With a wide angle lens and a small aperture, you can capture the entirety of a stunning landscape.

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Wildlife Photography.

Another option for nature lovers. This is a great genre to get into if you are already practicing landscape photography. Seeing as you are already outdoors, may as well keep a keen eye for any wildlife. A telephoto lens will allow you to get a close up shot of an animal in action without disturbing their environment or threatening your own safety. Use a fast shutter speed so you don’t miss out on any moment; animals can disappear from view in a blink of an eye.

Portrait Photography.

If you are good with people and looking to be a professional photographer, this may be the best option for you. Many people hire photographers for all types of sessions. From weddings to fashion, you have plenty of options to choose from. Depending on what type of portraiture you want to lean towards, start with a prime lens for the best possible portraits. Build your portfolio and watch the bookings pour in.

Architecture Photography.

This is another great genre if you are looking for regular payment. Used in the business sector, photographers are hired to promote houses and buildings by taking photographs at different aesthetic angles. A wide angle lens can also be used for this genre as you can include all important elements inside or outside of the building.

Street Photography.

With everything that is going on around us, there are many opportunities to capture candid photographs. It can be intimidating to document everyday life by taking photographs of people without their permission, but there is a chance for compelling, powerful photography when you take pictures of a subject without them knowing. You can always ask for permission if you feel as if you are invading someone’s privacy and street photography does not always need to include people.

This is the best genre for photographers who are keenly observant and know an intriguing moment when they see one.

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Action Photography.

This is one of the most challenging genres to get into. Needing an array of high quality equipment, from tripods to telephoto lenses, this is the genre to build up to once you have more experience. Once you get into action photography, you can capture amazing moments of athletes in action. In this genre, the faster the shutter speed, the better.

No matter what genre you choose, there is always a chance to try your hand at the others. Just because you do portrait photography, it doesn’t mean you can’t take your camera with you on a hike or attempt to take pictures at a sports game. Being a photographer means seeing the world through a lens, always knowing when a great photograph can be captured.

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