Print On Demand Websites For Photographers!

If you want to make money with your photography you should consider using print on demand websites as one of your tools.

Nowadays, there are countless ways to sell your photography and earn some lovely cash. From offering stock photos to selling photo art on Etsy, the internet provides several outlets that can help you transform your passion into a source of income.

One option in particular has taken the art community by storm, showcasing a risk-free way to print and sell photography.

Read on to learn more about this modern method. In addition, I will recommend the best print on demand websites in the market!

What is print on demand?

Print on demand (POD) websites provide a fantastic way to make money from home. Once you set up an account, you can enjoy a passive income without having to deal directly with customers.

Print on demand is also encouraging photographers to sell their work because there is far less risk and time involved in the process.

Have you ever visited a photographer selling work from a street corner and wondered how long certain works have sat there, or how much money they have lost from unsold pieces?

Print on demand websites will only print your work when a customer has purchased it. Furthermore, customers can choose to print on everything from fine art canvas prints, posters, 6x8s, mugs, clothing, pens, cutting boards, and more.

Thousands of people across the world can view your work and decide how they want it printed. Because the website only prints what has been bought, you will never lose time or money from wasted goods.

How does it work?

Using print on demand sites is easy. First, you will create an account on the website of our
choice. Then you will upload your art, and, depending on which company you choose, set your own price.

Fortunately, that is the extent at which you have to participate in this business. Easy, right?! Of course, many of these services will allow you to spice up your profile to attract more customers.

If you are serious about selling your work, some marketing wouldn’t hurt either.

After you upload your photos, you will be notified when somebody purchases your art. You and the POD website will share the profit, which is appropriate considering they are responsible for printing the order, shipping it, and hashing out customer service.

So there you have it: Just upload some photos and wait for sales to roll in.

Great—what are some of these websites?

Fortunately, there are several websites to choose from with different features, details, and general styles. In no particular order, here are the best print on demand websites out there!

1. Red Bubble

Several of my photography friends claim that they make the most money from Red Bubble. Here are some of their highlights:

  • Sell your art on lots of items: shirts, stickers, mugs, pillows, iPhone cases, prints
  • Easy to use interface Fast upload process
  • Simple process to edit your art and get it properly sized for all the different items
  • Free to join
  • Set your own margins/pricing

2. Zazzle

Zazzle has been around since 2003 and has over 300 million unique items.

  • Lots of products to sell your art on: hats, mousepads, calendars, ping-pong equipment, puzzles, more.
  • Pick your own royalty amount from 5%—99%
  • Lots of traffic
  • Great tutorials and helpful tips to improve your products Create your own store through them

3. Fine Art America

Fine Art America focuses more on selling premium art, attracting high quality artists, and keeping their company run by a small staff. If you fall more into the fine art scene, consider their features:

  • Set your own prices
  • Ability to sell your products in retail locations
  • License your artwork for television or sell the rights
  • Sell framed prints, canvas, shower curtain, greeting cards, anda few other options
  • Standard account is free, premium account $30/year
  • Sell originals

4. Society6

Personally, I love Society6 because of its focus on pop culture and music art. I find myself purchasing work from these artist several timer per year for birthdays, Christmas, and more. If you are a fan of any movie or music group, you will find some awesome and beautiful work here!

  • Lots of products to print on—towels, print, bags, leggings, shirts, etc.
  • Set your own profit amount on prints, but not on other items
  • It’s difficult to put your image on multiple items because they have different size requirements for each picture so it’s much more tedious than other sites
  • Good quality on their products, I ordered a shirt from them
  • Free to sell through them 5. Cafe Press
  • Automatically scale and position your art to fit the products so you don’t have to spend the time to do it manually
  • Over 250 products to put your designs on
  • No upfront cost to start a shop, but they deduct 10% (up to $10) of your royalties when they pay you
  • You choose your markup amount, but they charge an additional fee if you mark it up more than $15
  • Bonus levels so the more you sell the more you make
  • Create official products for movie and tv shows fan pages

6. Printer’s Studio

The quality of their work is good; my friends enjoy their office supplies in particular
Offer a lot of different products to print your art on—flip flops, playing cards, pillows, bandanas, and more

  • Minimum payout is $20
  • Set up your own shop

7. CowCow

  • Set up your own store
  • Pick your profit margins
  • Offer a 3 tiered system with your shop being free and then as your profits grow you will pay a certain amount per moth for a higher tiered store
  • Lots of items to upload your art to—camera case, magic cube, earrings

8. Deviant Art

  • Not as many products to put your art on, but it’s good quality and popular with artists
  • Popular site to showcase your art
  • Lots of interaction and feedback from other artists in the community
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